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Help Support April Misiak's Funeral Expenses Fund


Hi, everyone!

As you can  read from the top portion above, someone’s mother recently died this week unexpectedly. She left behind a husband, two children, and other loving people in her life. One of them, her niece, Alexis Misiak cared for her a lot which is why I’m doing this. Alexis is very special to me, so when I heard her aunt died and saw how devastated she had gotten about the news, I felt the need to do something. 

I’m not sure how far things will go posting this on Tumblr or other sites, but I’m doing so to help family members receive a sense of peace after experiencing this sudden outcome. 

So I ask you followers to please donate any amount you can for this cause. Any amount would mean a lot to this family. 

If you could spare a space on your blog to reblog this as well, that would be great. 

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